My Amazing Hat

My Amazing Hat

A Poem of Great Interest and Excitement!

On a weekend cold and lonely

We three decided that we only

Needed a warm cup of coffee

To make it through the night

Imagine then my exultation

Upon friend Birdsong’s exclamation

That he would drive to starbucks

And save us from our plight

Put the pedal to the Metal!

Narry tarry we, nor settle!

For I can barely stay awake,

Awake upon this finals night!

Through the leaves the wheels did thunder

Pedestrians were rent asunder

Their last thoughts were of their blunder

Of challenging the dragons might!

6/4 miles from square one

our journey was at long last done

We entered the front door

And ordered drinks forthright

Before transactions were completed

I was accosted, even greeted

By an officer of the law

Who stared upon my cranial height

I thought for sure I would be dead

When he broke his gaze and laughing, said

“Is that a muppet on your head?”

To which I replied


Ernie Hat from Sesame Street

I seemed to him an apparition

A-feared of my hat’s disposition

And with a dawning suppositon

Stepped off to my right

“Make way, you fool, for I am thirsty

Move quickly now and I shan’t hurt thee

I need my coffee for I must study

Well into this blasted night.”

He backed away, for he was certain

That he’d been cruising for a hurtin’

For muppet hats are left best alone

Lest one is looking for a fight

Pumpkin spice latte in hand

Away!  Away!  To study land!

To work!  Studieren Sie viel mehr!

Learn stuff to get those answers right!

I wonder what would have transpired

If I was not thusly attired

In my amazing muppit hat

One that windy winter’s night…

Ponderous with a Muppet Hat

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