Best of The Corngoblin

This is a page dedicated to posts that are my favorites and posts that are fan favorites.  If you’re new here, check some of these out before you go.  They might seem long, but I think they’re worth it.  Maybe you will too.

Ten Minutes With A Dumpster Woman

My most popular post.  It’s bout an all together real time when I met a woman inside a dumpster.


Reflections on traveling and leaving Europe after four months, plus photos.

A Tryst With Racism

About the time when I was a wee bit racist.

An Accidental Correspondence With Kim Jong-un

One time, Kim Jong-un accidentally emailed me.  Things got weird.

The Magic Hobo

It’s about a magic homeless gentleman.  I wrote this the day before I went to Hyde Park for the first time, so I had to revise it a little the day after.

Concerning Harry Potter and The Houses of Hogwarts

I’ve always thought the harry potter houses were a bit unfair, and voiced my frustrations in this post.  It’s another one that get’s a lot of traffic, probably because it has Harry Potter in the title.  You’ve no idea how many views this got before the last movie came out,


This seems to be a favorite with the reader base, probably it has lovely pictures from my trip to Paris, and a few others from around England.  I had originally written it about how disinterested I had become with traveling, but as I wrote it and looked at the pictures, I appreciated travel again.  It was a real experience.

A Fortress of Clouds

Another one of my favorites, and I think a reader favorite too.  The title has almost nothing to do with the tale, I just thought it sounded cool.  I had the idea for it on a plane ride from Birmingham to Naples florida as I headed home from spring break.  I sat in my seat and hoped that no one would talk to me… and then I started to wonder what if they did.

The Harvest Moon

I love witches and occult things, and making fun of people.  This one has all three.  I also like scarecrows.    This one got re-blogged by a bunch of people, so they either really like or really hated it.

The Woods

Is this one even a fan favorite?  Why is it here?  Click the link to find out.

Cheating and Winning, and Winning is Awesome

A true story about my shameful past, when I cheated at bar trivia.

The Day When We All Get To Be Irish, and Some Leprechauns Show up Too

I’ve always loved St. Patrick’s day.  I have a sweet tooth for irish folk music, and  love the Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly as well.  Plus, I like beer.  And Ireland.  One of my favorite books is Faerie Tale by Raymond E. Feist, which deals with the wee folk as well.  I decided to give it my own consideration.

Put Those Cookies Down, Dora!

This is one of the first posts I actually liked after I wrote it.  I was really proud of myself for putting all of those Arnold puns in a short script.  It’s been getting a lot of traffic lately, so I figured I’d include it.

I’ll update more as I write and/or think of them.

The Corngoblin

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