Blog Awards

Here’s a bunch of awards I’ve been nominated for.  Thanks to Sued51, Melissa K. Martin, ramanda429Exceedingspeed, The ImaginatorAnn Koplow and Reverend Mother for the nominations.


one-lovely-blog-award sunshineawardhooray!




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  1. I dunno if you know, but I’ve been having a bit of a love affair with your work, so I’ve nominated you for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ award. See here for more info:
    Thanks for sharing yourself, and thank you for being so super inspiring! xoxo

  2. Hello Corngoblin and thanks for the Versatile Blogger nomination. Sorry about the delayed reaction, I didn’t quite think you were for real. Still getting to know the world of wordpress.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. I just found your blog on Writing 101 and happy I clicked on your blog. I can’t wait to read more posts on here and excited to see all your awards. Congrats on that!

    • williamcharlesbrock

       /  September 14, 2015

      Thanks for coming by! What’s writing 101?

      • I’m not sure what happened but I saw something of yours that made me visit your blog. Lol. I thought it was something in my notifications, maybe u like my post, heck I don’t know.
        Writing 101 is a WordPress blogging u courses (free too)

    • williamcharlesbrock

       /  September 14, 2015

      Oh I see! Yes, I read your lovely post on your writing 101 assignment. The one about “why do I write?” The narcissist in me thought I was mentioned on some website or something. Embarrassing.

      • There is NO reason to be embarrassed! Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I have much more to go and the next class starts tomorrow.
        I am going to be straight up, I hope I can make it to the point that I will get even one award. Yours are so inspiring!

      • williamcharlesbrock

         /  September 14, 2015

        Just read and comment on other people’s stuff (like your doing right now!). They’ll come and read yours and then, when they get an award, they’ll pass one on to you.

      • Thank you for the advice. I appreciate the kindness.

  4. Blogging U courses are not as fun and informative as corngoblin or @jenmotivates12, but they’re great for newbie bloggers like me! Thank you so very much Cornboglin for the ‘like’.

  5. Hey William, I hope it’s okay with you that I share your blog as one of my nominees for an award as I feel your work is truly worth sharing and I really enjoy reading your posts! Keep up the creativity and the great writing 🙂 !!!


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