Leaving (Travel 2)


I’ve come to find that the immediacy of losing something always increases it’s value.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  Consider the coffee bean, or rather coffee beans, specifically the last few scoops worth.  I always treat them reverently, like they’re the last beans on earth.  In my case, if I’m particularly broke, they might as well be.  I’m sort of afraid to use them, and I’m not really sure why, but when I inevitably do, they taste all the sweeter because I know they’re the last.


As it is with the coffee bean, so too is it with traveling.  I’ve come to my last two weeks in London, and I find that I’m having more fun now than at any other point on the trip.  It’s like being able to see the end has helped me appreciate things I have taken for granted.


The beautiful London things that I used to ignore daily suddenly spark an interest in my mind


Not to mention that I got to go to scotland and see things like this


Or This


Or This

bikes and castle


Now, my newfound enjoyment in all things Britain related might be from my Scotland Trip, or the weather finally breaking, or my stonehenge trip.



But I think not.

stonehenge 2

No, it’s because the trip is coming to an end.  All these other things, little trips and the weather, help make it nice, but I appreciate them all the more because soon they will all be gone.


Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not that I don’t want to go home; far from it.  I am quite looking forward to getting back, seeing the people I had left there, eating proper peanut butter, being able to afford a drink (6 pounds for a G & T at the National?  Come on!) and seeing the sun.  I’ll be quite happy for the trip back, and yet the trip still looms, and in it’s looming, I find more enjoyment in the present.


So to anyone on an extended holiday from their native land I have this to say: the immediacy of your return has a direct, positive correlation to your enjoyment of the place you will soon be leaving.  So enjoy it, because it’ll probably be the most enjoyable part.


And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, especially yourself.  Now is the time to strike.  Do not mope that the journey is over, and soon it will be nothing but memories, go forth and make new ones!  Now is not the time to weep, but to laugh.  Not to sit, but to run.  Not to die, but live.

castle 3

So go.

Just go.

And for god’s sake

Enjoy yourself.


Troll 2





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  1. Appreciate you reading my Blog it led me to yours. I really enjoyed it.

  2. So fun! Congrats on reaching a 1000 followers as well.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your trip to UK… I don’t live too far from Stonehenge!! That is some travelling though if you went from Stonehenge to Scotland? Or did I read that wrong?

    • thecorngoblin

       /  April 9, 2013

      I’ve been living in london for the past 3 months. Stonehenge was 3 weeks ago, but Scotland was last weekend. Thanks for reading!

      • Well I guess it is not that far if you are from USA as distance is probably greater. Did you not go to Wales or Cornwall/Devon? I am in Bristol….

  4. Nice post. Brings back memories. Thanks!

  5. You have some great photos and memories there. I envy you. Now…go make some more, you have two weeks left!

  6. If it is summer, and the weather holds, very few places can rival the UK with its combination of urban and rustic. We spent an extremely enjoyable two weeks travelling from London to Edinburgh, and then back down again a different way, a few years back. And you have posted some great pix.

    • thecorngoblin

       /  April 12, 2013

      Thank you and yes Edinburgh is wonderful. We rode a train the whole way there, so while I got to watch the east cost, I didn’t get to see it.

  7. So glad you enjoyed your trip to our (not so) sunny shores. As a Londoner, I have a love/hate relationship with the city… but it’s mostly love. I constantly find myself defending it. Mainly to people who have chosen to move here!

    • thecorngoblin

       /  April 12, 2013

      I defend it too. I hear people complain about the underground and public transport, but it’s way better than NY or Boston, and infinitely better than Tallahassee, which has nothing of the sort.


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