The Grumpus Beast

The Grumpus went halumping,

over hill and dale

towards children who were a-slumbering

their breath shallow and frail.

It snuck up by the window

its tails all hithersbiddles

fangs drooling with salvia

for eating little kiddles.

The children a-woke to a sound

a sharp a rap tap tapping,

that must have been a stranger on the grounds

for they’re parents were a-napping.

They hopplescotched up out of bed

and scurried to the window,

unaware they’d soon be dead

they’re souls sent off to limbo.

The Grumpus beast was waiting there

mouths twisted into smiles.

The children saw its mangy hair

and their stomachs filled with biles.

The Grumpus went a leaping

a crashing through the glass,

where it commenced to feasting

upon the children’s mass.

The parents came in later,

they screamed and grabbed a phone,

for in the children’s nursery room,

was just a








This is my first entry in the Weekend Writing Warriors experience.  The rule is that it has to be 8 sentences.  You’ll notice that I have several lines, but only 8 sentences, so hopefully that’s ok.  I had a lot of fun writing it.

Here’s a link back to the WeWriWa website.  Go and check out some more awesome blogs!

Also, I’ve added a new page of fan picks and some of my favorite posts.  Check it out.- corngoblin


Addendum to the Addendum:

Oh dear me!  I was looking at my about page and realized that the venerable Blog of the Imaginator had awarded me the awesome blog content award!  I would like to nominate him/her for the awesome blog name award, but I don’t have the authority to do so.  Thanks so much, Imaginator.

abc-awardNow I have to do me in ABC’s.  Hmmm.

Arcane. Bizzare. Capricious. Defiler.  Erudite. Facetious. Gregarious. Horrifying. Inexorable. Just Kidding. Legendary. Minotaur. Negative. Original. Positive. Qualified. Rabid. Sinister. Titanic. Unrelenting. Vexing. Windblown. Xenial. Yummy.  Zealous.

Thanks Again!

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  1. Most frabjous.

  2. I shared this with various slithy toves and they thought it very good. I have tried writing in this style in the past and it is easily the most fun I’ve ever had with poetry, have to be in the right mood though. Congrats on your award!

  3. This is delicious in every way – aren’t words FUN?? 🙂

  4. Absolutely delumptious. 😀 Very quaint. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I can’t write poetry. It’s nice that you can.

  6. Welcome to WeWriWa.

    I hope you understand when I say that I will not be reading this poem to my five year old. Love the wordplay.

  7. Yikes — scary but fun at the same time. 🙂


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